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Coaching and Fitting Studio


The design team at ProFlight Golf utilise 10 years of experience designing and installing the most advanced golf teaching and fitting studios around the world. Seamlessly integrating advanced technology with cutting edge interior design.

CAD Design

Providing 3D visuals for every installation ensures the studio matches your imagination from design to installation. Technical drawings supplied to your contractors make for easy reading and exact measurements guarantee accuracy. We include future proofing methods as standard. 

Golf Studio CAD Drawing

Design and Planning

Golf Putting Studio


We work with all the leading technology brands including Trackman, Foresight, FlightScope, Swing Catalyst, V1 Sports, K-Motion, GEARS Golf, Zen Green Stage, and PuttView.

Integration is key.

We make sure that the integration of all the golf coaching technologies, displays, audio, lighting and interior design all work together in unison. This provides a simple operation and a streamlined lesson or fitting.

Control Systems


Our Process

Design Consultancy

  • Design-Build

  • 3D CAD visuals

  • Estimating & Budgeting


  • Technical drawings

  • Quality control

  • Signing off procedure

After Care

  • Orientation Training

  • Global Support

  • Warranty

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